About Me

When I started out in applied research, I knew I needed to learn a programming language. I could not afford to rely on GUI based software for long, because there was so much repetitiveness and inflexibility. Luckily, R existed. R gels well with machine learning, stats and predictive modelling. There were so many options for mathematical problem solving available in the language that I was fascinated right from the start and I still am. And I think this website is a manifestation of that interest.  (Later, I made friends with  Python, C++ and Ruby as well, but thats for a later time)


I am Selva. This website is my way of helping out those who are interested to in stats, advanced analytics and machine learning (through R), but are having a tough time grasping the concepts. I hope to do a good job at that.


If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to reach me at rcodeprogramming@gmail.com. 

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